How do I limit participants?

All Challenge Hound challenges are private by default. Challenge Hound does not publish or market your challenges. You'll need to use the unique challenge join link to invite participants. This normally works quite well to keep challenges private and unwanted participants out.

If you are inviting lots of participants, you may want to add some extra options. Challenge Hound has two additional options to limit participants:

  1. You can add a "code" to any challenge. Participants will need to know the code to join the challenge. The code can be anything you'd like. The code can be changed at any time. The code can be used by any participant to join.

  2. You can set a join deadline to any challenge. No participants will be able to join the challenge after the join deadline has passed. 

Both the join deadline and the code, in combination with the unique join links make it easy to manage participants.

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