I joined a virtual race and my activity is not showing up?

Challenge Hound supports virtual races and competitions. In order to create a virtual race, you'll choose "Race" when setting up a challenge. 

Virtual races operate a lot like other challenges, but instead of aggregating activities towards a goal, a virtual race will only accept qualifying activities and will display a leaderboard of race results. 

For example, if you create a Race challenge and set the distance to 5k, then only 5k (or more) activities will count towards the challenge. The challenge dashboard will then display a leaderboard of the fastest qualifying activities.

Times for virtual race results can be manually entered in Challenge Hound, or automatically synced with Apps. Challenge Hound will automatically determine your best time and post that to the leaderboard. If you complete the distance more than one time, Challenge Hound will only post your fastest time. 

If you are planning on logging more than the specified distance during a single activity, consider splitting activity entries, one for specified race distance and another for any remaining distance. This will help ensure the best time is posted. To put this another way, if you are competing in a 5k race and submit a 10k activity, your time will be slow.

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