Map Route Details and Limitations

What types of routes does Challenge Hound support?

  • Google map routes - just share the link with us (please do not send screenshots, links work much better)
  • A line between waypoints, places or coordinates
  • Driving, walking, biking directions between waypoints
  • GPX or KML files

The more specific the better. Please don't send screenshots of maps, unless they are accompanied by the actual waypoints, latitude/longitude, or KML/GPX files.

Route Request Limitations

Challenge Hound's charges for maps to support the technology and hosting. The fee does not include extensive custom cartography or route creation. We're happy to advise on routes and solutions, but please make any route creation requests reasonable.

  • A maximum of 10 waypoints
  • The route must be continuous. We cannot have the route jump from one point to another.
  • The route cannot be a combination of waypoints and routes, it must be one or the other. For example, we do not support a GPX file of a marathon route mixed with additional waypoints. In this case the GPX file would need to include all the information. 
  • The route cannot be a combination of driving directions and straight lines, it must be one or the other. 
  • We don't support open-ended routes. Please provide a concrete start and end. We're awful at reading minds.
  • If you'd like an around the world map, it must pass through the starting points antipode to equal 24,901 mi or 40,075 km. Any variation from that will increase or decrease the distance substantially.
  • Long routes will take the curvature of the earth into account and will thus look curved on the two dimensional map.
  • We cannot trace the route around a continent or island for you. 

Super Custom Routes With Lots of Details

Challenge Hound is happy to host an ultra custom map with incredible detail, but you'll need to create that and send over the finished files. We suggest using Google Earth or My Maps by Google. Google Earth will let you draw a specific route anywhere. My Maps by Google will enable you to include more waypoints than regular Google Maps, as well as other customizations. 

Both Google Earth or My Maps by Google provide an easy export to KML files, which you can send to Challenge Hound and we can easily implement for you. 

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