Can I connect a third party app to multiple Challenge Hound accounts?

Challenge Hound accounts and third party app accounts are one-to-one. If you connect a third party app account (Garmin, MapMyRun, Fitbit, Coros, Strava) to a Challenge Hound account, you will not be able to connect that same third party account to another Challenge Hound account. 

If you are receiving a duplicate error, chances are most likely, that you have another Challenge Hound account already connected to the third party app. It also most likely means that you have two Challenge Hound accounts.

How do I fix?

  • Log in to the original account and use that one
  • Log in to the original account and disconnect the app, then log into the new account and reconnect
  • Contact Challenge Hound support and we can merge the accounts. Make sure to send support both emails or account information for both accounts, as well as information about the third-party account (like link to Strava or Fitbit profile for example).

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