Entry Fees and Collecting Payments

With Challenge Hound, you can charge participants entry fees to join your challenges. When a participant lands on the challenge join page, they'll  be prompted to pay the entry fee amount, with a credit card, in order to join the challenge. It is a seamless process, with very few steps, and super intuitive.

In order to accept entry fees, you'll need to create a payment account. Challenge Hound uses Stripe to get you paid quickly and keep your personal and payment information secure. 

With entry fees, you will not use credits, but instead Challenge Hound charges a processing fee, which includes both the credit card processing and Challenge Hound fee. Challenge Hound processing fees can be found here.

If you'd like to charge entry fees, save the challenge with an entry fee, then head to Account and start the Payment Account set up. Payment account set up involves providing payment recipient details to Stripe (individual or business), as well as the bank account where funds will eventually be sent. Once all the information is provided and validated, payments will be active and participants will be able to pay to join challenges, right on the Challenge Hound challenge join page.

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