Challenge Feeds

Challenge Hound challenge feeds were created to enable challenge admins and participants to post messages related to the challenge. Challenges can be configured, by the challenge admins, to allow participant posts, or restrict posting to just admins.

When messages are posted, participants are notified in various ways:

  • All posts are available in Challenge Hound on the challenge feed page.
  • If a participant completes an activity after a post is made, then the post is included in the activity email to the participant. 
  • If a participant has not checked the challenge feed page and has not completed an activity in which the post was included, then Challenge Hound sends a daily digest email with recent posts. Feed digest emails are only sent when there is new feed activity and only once per day. 

All posts should be respectful and courteous to the Challenge Hound community. Keep offensive content off Challenge Hound.

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