Apple Health & Apple Watch Support

In order to connect to Apple Health, a native app is required. You can install Challenge Hound's app here:

Once installed, you simply head to the Challenge Hound Apps section and authorize Challenge Hound to access your workouts.

Screenshot of Apple Health Authorization

You can choose to backfill and start syncing, or to just sync moving forward.

If you use Apple Health, you might want to disconnect other apps that are also connected to Apple Health. For example, if you have Strava connected to Apple Health and connected to Challenge Hound, then when you log an activity in Strava, it'll sync directly with Challenge Hound, as well as through Apple Health, thus creating duplicates.

With Challenge Hound's integration with Apple Health, you can use any app that links to Apple Health to log activities. For example you can connect Peleton to Apple Health, then Apple Health to Challenge Hound and automatically sync Peleton workouts. This would also work with Nike apps, Garmin, Ride With GPS, Strava, addidas running, ASICS RunKeeper, AllTrails, and more.

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