Bulk Importing Participants

The typical workflow with Challenge Hound is to create a challenge, send out invites to participants, and have the participants sign-up and join the challenge. This provides an intuitive flow for participants to understand the challenge and how it will work with Challenge Hound.

If you would instead like to bulk import participants from a list, Challenge Hound support can assist in doing so. Here are the bulk import requirements:

  • Bulk import services are only available if you have 100 or more participants
  • Challenge Hound accepts CSV files with the following required columns:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Team Name or Challenge Name (as seen within Challenge Hound)
  • The challenge and teams need to be set up beforehand
  • A single bulk import is preferrable to daily imports. It takes us time and effort to run the imports. Please aggregate as many participants into a single file as possible.
  • Normal participant credits are used for each participant that is bulk added.
  • There are no extra fees for bulk importing.

To start, simply email the bulk import CSV file to Challenge Hound support. Challenge Hound will check each participant to see if they already have a Challenge Hound account (based on email). If the participant does not have an account, one is creaed. Once the participant has an account, they are added to the challenge and/or team. The participant will received an email from Challenge Hound notifying them that they have joined the challenge along with instructions on how to participant and log activiites.

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