How can I use groups in Challenge Hound?

Groups are simply ways to organize challenges. They can be used in a variety of ways, but the main two are team vs team challenges and a challenge series.

Team vs Team Challenges

A group can be used to host a team vs team challenge. In this case, the group actually becomes the challenge container with each team having a single team challenge. The individual team challenges roll up to show the aggregated progress of the team and the group then compares the progress of each team to the other teams in the group. Read more about how to set up a team challenge.

Challenge Series

You can use a group to host a series of challenges. For example, a specific "Yearly Running Challenge" could be a group and inside that group there'd be challenges for "2017 run", 2018 run", "2019 run", "2020 run", etc. A club can also create a group and host a variety of challenges in that single group.

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