How do I add an activity to a challenge?

There are a couple different ways to add activities to Challenge Hound challenges. You can manually enter activities directly into Challenge Hound or you can use an App to record activities, which are then automatically synced to Challenge Hound. 

No matter how you enter your activities, Challenge Hound will route the activity to the appropriate challenges. For example, if you are in a ride challenge and log a run, then Challenge Hound will not add it to the ride challenge. Challenge Hound only adds activities to challenges that are active and that meet the activity types set up in the challenge.

If you are in more than one challenge, you only need to add the activity ONCE. Challenge Hound will associate the activity to all applicable challenges.

To add an activity manually, simply click the Activities link at the top of Challenge Hound and then add new activity. Enter the name of the activity, the start date and time, select the activity type, and then fill in the duration, distance, and elevation (if applicable).

To add an activity with an app:

  • Connect the App on the main Apps page. This only needs to be done once.
  • Use the App functionality to record an activity. It varies based on the App, but most commonly requires you to hit start, perform the activity, then end.
  • Challenge Hound will automatically sync the activity. You'll get an email confirmation with your challenge status update as soon as Challenge Hound has synced.
  • You'll be able to see the synced activity on the main Activities page.
  • Activities normally sync immediately, but can take up to 10 minutes to sync in some cases.
  • If you edit an activity in the App, the edits will also sync
  • If you delete an activity in the App, the delete will also sync

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