Challenge Activity Filters and Throttles

When setting up a challenge you can optionally set a distance filter and/or a duration filter, which will only allow activities into the challenge that are equal to or greater than the filter value.

For example, if you create a challenge that is 100 km and then set a distance filter to 1 km, then only activities that are 1 km or longer will count or qualify towards the challenge. A short 0.5 km walk will not count towards the challenge or increase the challenge status, if there is a 1 km distance filter.

A duration filter would allow you to create a challenge and filter our short activities. For example, if you create a challenge and set the duration filter to 10 minutes, then only activities that are 10 minutes or longer will count or qualify towards the challenge. A short 5 minute walk would not count.

A maximum point value can also be added to point based challenges. With this in place, any activity that results in points more than the maximum point value, will be throttled to the maximum. For example, if a challenge sets points for 1km walk = 1 point and the maximum point value is set to 10, then a 12 km walk would not equal 12 points, but instead just 10, due to the maximum value that is set.

Challenge filters open up the following options:

  • Races - if you set a 10 km distance filter, then only 10 km activities will count, which in essence changes the challenge to a 10 km race. If the total challenge distance is 10 km and the distance filter is also 10 km, then the challenge will only accept one activity equal to, or greater than 10 km.
  • Activity Thresholds - if you'd like to set up a challenge that only allows more serious activities, then a distance filter can raise the bar and eliminate shorter, less challenging, activities.
  • Higher Intensity - Setting a higher duration filter increases the overall intensity of the challenge by requiring longer workouts, runs, or activities in general.
  • Level the playing field - if you set a maximum point value, then participants can only do so much during each activity and driving up the score becomes harder.

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