Challenge Distance Filters

When setting up a challenge you can optionally set a distance filter, which will only allow activities into the challenge that are equal to or greater than the distance filter value.

For example, if you create a challenge that is 100 km and then set a distance filter to 1 km, then only activities that are 1 km or longer will count or qualify towards the challenge. A short 0.5 km walk will not count towards the challenge or increase the challenge status, if there is a 1 km distance filter.

A distance filter opens up the following challenge options:

  • Races - if you set a 10 km distance filter, then only 10 km activities will count, which in essence changes the challenge to a 10 km race. If the total challenge distance is 10 km and the distance filter is also 10 km, then the challenge will only accept one activity equal to, or greater than 10 km.
  • Activity Thresholds - if you'd like to set up a challenge that only allows more serious activities, then a distance filter can raise the bar and eliminate shorter, less challenging, activities.

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