Open-Ended Challenges vs Goal Based

Challenge Hound supports set goals for challenges, as well as open-ended challenges. By default, challenges have a fixed goal. For example, run 30 miles in 30 days. In these challenges, activities are added until the goal is reached. Once the goal is reached, activities are no longer added to the challenge.

In contrast, open-ended challenges have no fixed goal. An open-ended challenge will keep adding applicable activities to a challenge until it has ended. There is no fixed goal, it is accomplish as much as possible before the challenge ends.

To make a challenge open-ended, simply click the "open-ended" button when creating or updating a challenge:

Fixed goal challenges do not keep adding activities to the challenge in order to level the playing field and strive to get all participants to complete the challenge. Challenge Hound has found that engagement stays highest and everyone stays more motivated when the score isn't run up by the participants completing early. If participants are looking to do as much as possible, or the challenge wasn't enough, Challenge Hound supports the open-ended alternative.

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